From its first exhibit in Paris, to its latest incarnation in Dresden, The European Orchid Congress has provided a foremost forum for orchid enthusiasts and academics alike. Since 1969, The European Orchid Congress has been organised every three years at various European locations. The host of each congress is selected by the European Orchid Council.

The Hungarian Orchid Society has won the rights to stage the 15th European Orchid Congress and Show. This grand event, featuring some of Europe’s great horticultural and biocultural exhibitors, will take place between the 12-15 April, 2012.

At no time in our country’s history has an event of this calibre been hosted. Our visitors can expect more than 100 exhibitors, 20 000 visitors, 200 registered guests and 30 foreign presenters. A total of 17 countries will be present at the Congress – including 16 countries from the European Union, as well as a delegation from Switzerland. The primary aim of this Congress will be for scientists and professionals alike to inform the public about European biodiversity, including the present state of the Europe’s native orchid habitats, its endangerment and the arrangements made to protect them. The Congress will be highlighted by valuable presentations from international and Hungarian presenters.  Among our guest speakers, we will feature world-famous specialists of orchid botany, research, taxonomy and environmental protection. The Congress will offer an opportunity for the audience to get an overview of European Environmental Law, the current problems of environmental protection as well as an opportunity to create an open forum for all participants about the topics mentioned.

The European Orchid Congress and Show is being organised by the non-profit, public benefit organisation of the Hungarian Orchid Society together with the German Orchid Society who will be supporting our professional work and offer their dynamic assistance in Orchid Judging and the organisation of our vocational programs. Europe’s botanical gardens and national orchid boards will take pride-of-place in our show and represent their countries with unique exhibitions.

The Hungarian Orchid Society will be handling the main part of the organisation as volunteers.

The exhibited flowers will be presided over by international judges at the behest of the Hungarian Orchid Society and based on German judging rules. Prizegiving ceremony will be held on the Budapest Boat as part of the Gala Dinner, on Saturday night from 8:00 p.m. Come and join us cruising the beautiful river Danube while enjoying the sights of our sensational capital city.